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Restaurant Tenerife North

Fresh and natural products

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Fresh grape and red wine on the vintage table

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NEGRAMOLL meeting point is a restaurant in the North of Tenerife, located in the heart of Santa Ursula at the foothills of the imperial image of the Teide

A unique place

We take care of all the details for you

At NEGRAMOLL the customer can enjoy dishes made with top quality ingredients and biological origin. From the best meats, fresh fish, pastas or salads. The secret is to take care of the dish from the beginning, that is, from the first ingredient to the visual gift for the customer of an exquisite presentation. In addition, to accompany the meals we have the best wines of the country.
Friends toasting with alcohol drinks

Friends, food and good wine


Blackmoll table

Selection of the best Italian cold cuts, cheeses and bruschetas

Blackmoll Salad

Lettuce mix, crispy chicken, anchovies, dried tomato, Italian roasted vegetables and parmesan

Entrecot Lomo Alto Tagliata style

Exquisite laminated entrecote with arugula bottom and Parmesan cheese flake

Fresh fish

Brought from St. Mark's Beach

Green ravioli with cherry tomatoes and basil

Delicious ravioli stuffed with cottage cheese and spinach with fresh cherry and basil sauce

Pizza Negramoll

Exquisite sourdough pizza with double fermentation with ingredients to taste

Our homemade desserts

Variety of homemade desserts

Run by an Italian and a Malagasy you are delighted about the treatment and the food. All dishes have a special and different touch. And they even bone your knuckle!! Good wine list. Recommended

A. Sanchez

NEGRAMOLL meeting point also has a terrace and an area with one of the best views in the North of Tenerife in Santa Ursula

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